This has already been a great year for new singles from Australian country music artists, and as we build into the year there are exciting releases to come. This is a playlist of the singles that were released in February 2021 (based on information I can find – you are always welcome to contact me if you’ve released something and I haven’t included it). Full track listing after the playlist.

Aly Cook – ‘Angel from Montgomery’

Andrew Swift – ‘Head Full of Honey’

Anita Spring – ‘Midnight Train’

Ben Leece – ‘Pigeons’

Ben Leece – ‘Sundowner’

Benn Gunn – ‘Born and Bred’

Blake O’Connor – ‘Willin’ & Ready’

Brooke Lambert – ‘Damn, I Tried’

Catherine Britt & Lee Kernaghan – ‘Country Fan’

Courtney Keil – ‘Hummingbird’

Denvah – ‘For Elizabeth’

Emily Hatton – ‘Make it Slow’

Hudson Rose – ‘One More Kiss’

Innocent Eve – ‘Three Quarter Time’

Jasmine Rae – ‘Fraudulent’

Katie Brianna – ‘Wedding Ring’

Katie Brooke – ‘Cosmic Cowgirl’

Kylie Gale – ‘Upside Down’

Jack Nolan – ‘The Hopeless Son’

Jade Gibson – ‘Wildfires’

Jake Davey – ‘The Way She Does’

Krystal Cameron – ‘Bad Taste’

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes – ‘Deathwish Country (Live)’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Found My Home’

Melissa Lukin – ‘Caught up in a Dream’

Rhianna Fibbins – ‘Little Whispers’

Riley Catherall – ‘Vacant Lot’

Route 33 – ‘She Knows What She’s Doing’

Toria Richings – ‘Diamond Stone’

Vixens of Fall – ‘Break it Easy’

Watling & Bates – ‘Candy Moon’