There are lockdowns in Australia’s two most populous states, making touring impossible, but the music releases continue – thanks, country music artists, for the music and the joy! Track listing after the Spotify player.

Abbie Ferriss ft The Dungarees – ‘Ready or Not’

Andrew Farriss – ‘Son of a Gun’

Andy Golledge – ‘Baby Mumma’

Camille Trail – ‘I Don’t Like You’

Casey Barnes – ‘God Took His Time on You’

Cassidy-Rae – ‘Meant to Be’

Chelsea Berman – ‘Tastes Like a Hangover’

Chris Rose – ‘Made for Loving You’

Corey Legge – ‘Cemetery Kids’

Daisy Spratt – ‘Two Hearts’

Daniel Reeves – ‘World Learning’

Darlinghurst ft Shannon Noll – ‘You Stopped Making Sense’

Eagle & the Wolf – ‘Currawong’

Emmagen Rain – ‘For You’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Grown Ups’

Felicity Urquhart & Josh Cunningham – ‘Wanna Go There’

Fiona Fields – ‘Ride the Wave’

Frock n Troll – ‘Caleb Myer’

Georgia State Line – ‘The Ones We Love’

Gretta Ziller – ‘Dry Town’

Hinterland – ‘Giddy Up’

Jasmin Bade – ‘X’s and Y’s’

Jody Direen – ‘The Thing Is’

Kevin Sullivan – ‘Spend the Kids’ Inheritance’

Kora Naughton – ‘Devil on Your Shoulder’

Kristy Cox – ‘Person of the Year’

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes ft Tim Rogers – ‘As Long as it’s Not Us’

Lily Grace – ‘Sixteen Wishes’

Logan Hoswell ft Lyn Bowtell – ‘Sister in Song’

Lontano – ‘Adelaide’

Mason Hope – ‘Middle Class Man’

Michael Waugh – ‘Dark’

Paula Standing – ‘Call it Home’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘I Used to Think I Was an Outlaw’

Taylor Moss – ‘Chaser’

The Bloomvilles – ‘Words You Say’

The Grandkids – ‘Shame and Glory’

The New Graces – ‘Small Town’

The Redlands – ‘Love Ya’

The Viper Creek Band – ‘People Drinking Beer’

Tony Smith – ‘Beautiful Dreamer’