Sunburnt Country Music

The home of Australian country music – interviews, album reviews, and more.


This is a website dedicated to Australian (and some NZ) country music, and it includes playlists, single and album reviews, and interviews.

As of October 2022 there is also a Sunburnt Country Music podcast – search ‘Sunburnt Country Music’ on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or go to

My name is Sophie and I am an amateur musician – and was once a member of a country music covers band – but I’m very happy to be on the listener side. This blog was created* partly because it gives me an opportunity to find out about amazing new artists and also because I’d like to bring Australian country music, in particular, to as many people as possible. Since writing the blog in earnest from 2011 I’ve had the great privilege of interviewing some of my favourite artists, and being able to hear extraordinarily good music.

I also write books (although they’re not about country music). The latest is The Bellbird River Country Choir.

Artists and PRs are welcome to contact me, but please note that I can’t necessarily respond straightaway. Please note that if you’re writing to me about music from any country other than Australia or New Zealand, I will not respond to your email.

Location: Borogegal land in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

*From 2007 to 2020 it was known as Jolene: The Country Music Blog. It’s now Sunburnt Country Music so the site’s name and URL more clearly express that the content here is about Australian country music. In the past I’ve included music from the northern hemisphere from time to time, but that’s over now. There is so much great Australian country music that I have more than enough to write about (NZ artists also welcome).