I’ve been slack on the posting front, mainly due to the fact that I spent the month of May just working working working. I missed the Orphanage sessions for the month, and I’ll miss this month’s too. But I have been in raptures since I took delivery of my signed copy of Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson‘s Rattlin’ Bones. This is one hell of an album and it just gets better and better with each listening. Kasey and Shane’s voices sound like they were made for each other, although I imagine they get a lot of chances to practise their harmonies!

The balance of tracks – rough and smooth, sad and happy, rip roaring and mellow – is just right. It’s hard to think of a way they could improve on it, really. Even better, they’re hitting the road and I’ve got my ticket to the Penrith Panthers show …

Now, can EMI explain why Shane’s solo CDs are no longer available in this country? Anyone who wants them has to order them from Amazon.