It’s been so long since I posted anything here that I’m not going to make excuses. I’m just going to start afresh.

And what’s motivated me to start afresh is the prospect of three incredibly exciting CD releases in September and October. The first is Handfuls of Sky, the second album from Harmony James, who is, without a doubt, an outstanding songwriter and whose first album, Tailwind, is still on high rotation in my home.

There’s also a looming new release – if not new songs – from Kasey Chambers. Her next effort is Storybook, an album of cover songs. If you’ve ever seen Kasey perform live, you’ll know she loves doing a cover, and she does them very well, so even though there are no new Kasey songs, I can’t wait to hear this one.

Last but not least, there’s Ryan Adams’s Ashes & Fire, due in October.

A not-forthcoming but, in fact, recently issued release is Karl Broadie’s ‘mini album’, One Constellation, a collection of tunes recorded here and there which he has brought together and released on iTunes ahead of a new studio album.

So there’s a huge amount to be excited about over the next few weeks. I’m trying to decide whether I wait for Ryan and buy all the albums at once, in some grand exercise in patience, or get them as they come out, because I’m just too impatient. Only time will tell.