CD review: Beaut Ute Anthems 2011

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Beaut Ute Anthems 2011, it should be noted, is a two-CD affair but I’m only going to review the ‘Country’ disc. The ‘Rock’ disc has no business being reviewed on this blog … As one might expect, though, the country songs tend towards the country-rock variety. And there are some pretty good songs on here.

Happily the Australian content is high: Shane Nicholson’s ‘Bad Machines’, Rose Carleo’s ‘That Season Again’, Jasmine Rae’s ‘Hunky Country Boys’, which is the first track and pretty much sets the tone. There’s also Catherine Britt, McAlister Kemp, Tamworth stalwarts The Wolverines and Ben Gunn. The overseas talent includes Blake Shelton and some dude called Tim McGraw.
While I wouldn’t recommend this CD for a lazy country drive, that’s not what these songs are for, anyway. They’re for ute driving, and I’m confident that folks who go to the Deni Ute Muster, for example, would think they’re just ace for the road trip there. In other words: a great selection for that particular theme – but only buy it if you like your country loud. I don’t have a ute, and my little hatchback probably couldn’t take the pace. But I was glad to have the opportunity to discover some local artists whose CDs I want to now buy.

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