What a terrific album this is. From the very first time I heard it, I was hooked – the songwriting and musicianship on it are really outstanding.
(I should state that it’s not a country music album, but as it has a couple of country-tinged tracks – and given Danny’s membership of the Wilson Pickers – I felt it qualified for this blog.)
Danny and his musicians explore a variety of musical styles on this album, from slightly psychedelic rock (‘We All Do Better’ and ‘Banyan Tree’) to country (‘Find Someone’ and ‘We Could See Mars’) and folky rock (‘Black Magic’). There are also the ballads ‘Everything’s Been Done’ ‘Waiting for You’. There are guitars all over this album, as befits a man who is a complete master of the instrument. There is also plenty of groove and memorable hooks that make sure that the songs wedge in your head.
Lyrically, the songs explore the subjects of life, death, family, love, home and illness. Danny has recently dealt with a recurrence of the leukaemia that first appeared when he was nineteen – it is logical that he would use his music to tell stories about his experiences with illness and medical treatment, especially as he was ill while making the album, although this is not to the same extent as they were explored on his first album, The Transplant Tapes.

I hesitate to say that there is something for everyone on this album, but perhaps there is: even those who love classical music will find much to admire in Danny’s skill as a musician. It’s a highly accomplished piece of work that, because of its range, does offer a really varied listening experience that remains satisfying over time. Each time I listen to it I enjoy the variety of the styles and songs, almost like I don’t expect it. It seems that Danny has chosen to play in a style that best suits each of his songs, and that kind of respect for music – for the craft and skill and intangible wonder of it – is so, so rewarding for anyone who truly loves music.

Find Someone by Danny Widdicombe is out now through ABC Music/Universal.

You can buy the album here.

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