It was with great excitement that I read a press release this morning announcing that Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson are putting out a new album on 7 September. Entitled Wreck & Ruin, it’s their second collaboration – the first was the hugely successful Rattlin’ Bones, which was released in 2008.

As I was sent the press release, I feel I can quote liberally from it … Said the pair, ‘Having been almost five years since we made Rattlin’ Bones we thought it was time to ‘Tempt Fate’ and challenge our marriage by making another album together!

‘We have both made solo albums in between but in the back of our minds we always knew we would end up making music together again.

‘The writing process fell into place easier than we had planned so we grabbed some musician friends and recorded us all jamming the songs on a farm for a week. Wreck & Ruin was born and gave us a chance to revisit the sounds of music that we love to make together where it can be “traditional” but not “conventional”.’

The cover artwork for Wreck & Ruin was created by UK-based Australian artist Kerry Evans.  The album is co-produced by Nash Chambers, Shane Nicholson and Kasey Chambers and was recorded at Foggy Mountain Studios, Nash’s studio on the NSW Central Coast.

The first single from the album, ‘Adam and Eve’, will be released on Monday 23 July. Suffice to say I’m about to pass out with excitement – Shane is a musical  genius and Kasey is, quite simply, one of the greatest singer-songwriters Australia has ever produced. I still can’t quite believe they make albums together, let alone are married to each other. As anyone who has seen them perform knows, it is also a true marriage of talents – and let’s hope they’re taking them on the road come September.