A new artist has crossed my radar … Brisbane performer Seleen McAlister has a great voice and a great song in ‘Guilt Free’, which is a contender in the Catapult Song Contest for best undiscovered new independent song in Australia. As many country music singer-songwriters are independent artists, this contest is valuable exposure for Seleen – and also provides an opportunity for fans to vote for her, as the winner is chosen by popular vote.

Seleen has been working hard at her music and connecting with fans – she’s been co-writing with popular artist Drew McAlister for her upcoming album, and performing at the Deni Ute Muster and Gympie Muster, as well as Tamworth earlier this year.  
‘Guilt Free’ has been in the carts for a year now and keeps moving up. You can see the video clip (and, obviously, listen to the song) here. And you can vote for it on the Catapult website – the first round of voting closes Wednesday 31 October.
Visit Seleen online at www.seleenmcalister.com.