Brad Butcher’s next album …

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… Will happen, but he needs a bit of support of the crowd-funding kind.

Crowd-funding is increasingly popular amongst Australian country music artists (and artists from other genres – Brad’s not strictly country). The albums that have resulted thus far have been of the highest quality – in the last year or so they’ve included outstanding releases from Melody Pool, The McMenamins and Jess Holland. The crowd-funding model works well for the recording of albums because, essentially, you’re just ordering a copy of the album in advance.

Brad’s debut, eponymous album is still on high rotation for me after many months of listening – if you’d like to read some more constructed thoughts about it, my review is here. And if you’ve read that review, you’ll know why I’m keenly suggesting you support Brad in this new venture. If anyone is worth pre-ordering, it’s this bloke. And you can do so here:

To find out more about Brad and his music, visit

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