While I love, love, love the US drama series Nashville, the range of stories about how country music songs, albums, careers and tours come to be are, by necessity, not fully explored within the context of that show. Troubadour, TX could, therefore, be seen as the complement to Nashville – it’s an Emmy-nominated docu-reality series that follows a handful of artists as they make their way through the country music industry.

As with Nashville, a powerful reason to watch Troubadour, TX is the music – in this case, music as it happens rather than music as it’s being produced for a soundtrack. The stories behind songs – and the stories behind the artists who bring us those songs – have always been an integral part of country music and one of the things that sets it apart from other genres. Troubadour, TX has lots of those stories.

Sadly, as it’s only available to US viewers on The CW, everyone else will have to watch snippets available online – but if you’re in the broadcast area … what are you waiting for?