It’s clear from early on in The Tuesday Morning Sessions that Bruce O’Hara had a good time recording this album – there’s a smile in his voice that really doesn’t go away throughout these ten tracks, even when the song’s lyrics aren’t upbeat (‘1000 Miles from Your Heart’, ‘Remnants of Love’).

The songs are written in a traditional-Australian style – they’re songs as stories, delivering their message and intent clearly, and they sound laidback but, really, they’re carefully constructed and polished. Anyone who has been to the Tamworth Country Music Festival will recognise this style of song, as it’s a hallmark of the festival and part of what makes it so wonderful – these are songs that are accessible to everyone and they do not sound like they come from any other land. The Tuesday Morning Sessions doesn’t require the listener to know anything about the genre – it just requires you to appreciate that history and modernity can be bound up in the same song, that you listen with an open heart and plenty of time to take in these exemplars of Australian country music.

The Tuesday Morning Sessions can be ordered from Bruce on bnp7 [at] optusnet [dot] com [dot] au