My love for Karl Broadie’s music arose the very first time I attended the Tamworth Country Music Festival – I’d only been in town for ten minutes when a friend insisted that we go to his show at the Imperial Hotel. One song in, I was hooked on his incredible songwriting and his almost ethereal way of connecting with an audience. I would see him play many more times and listen to his albums over and over. He has written some of my favourite songs – and possibly some of yours too.

Karl is now very sick and in need of all kinds of support. The Australian country music industry is offering the most tangible form of support it can, as a fundraising show to be held on 17 April at Rooty Hill RSL. Kasey Chambers, Adam Harvey and Catherine Britt will be at this event to help raise funds to support Karl in the cost of his treatment. As if that magnificent trio weren’t enough reason to attend, Brooke McClymont, Adam Eckersley, Luke O’Shea, Jasmine Rae, Harry Hookey, Katie Brianna, Caitlin Harnett, Adam Young and Den Hanrahan will also appear.

Further  information further and links on how you can support the cause  can be found at

In case you’ve not heard Karl’s music before, here’s one of my favourites, from the album Black Crow Callin’.