EP review: Young & Reckless by Kasey-Michelle

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Country pop and country rock are burgeoning genres in Australia, and while they don’t necessarily appeal to traditionalists, they’re a natural progression: there will be, and are, artists who are attracted to the storytelling that defines country, and they want to take it into pop and rock. It is arguable that this could only improve pop and rock … but that’s for someone else to argue.

Kasey-Michelle is a young singer-songwriter from Queensland. Young & Reckless is her EP (her second) of five songs recorded live in Ipswich. The five songs are solidly built, catchy country pop and Kasey-Michelle’s singing style is nuanced enough to appeal to listeners who might think pop-anything isn’t for them, while leaving room for her to develop as an artist. There’s a range of moods on the EP, from the upbeat title track to the more melancholic ‘Loving You’. It’s a very good start from an artist to watch. 
Watch the video for ‘Young & Reckless’:

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