Some voices are made for country music – and UK artist Dan Owen’s is one of them. However, he is not writing, singing or recording country music, so consider his inclusion on this blog as a manifestation of a wish-list item.

Owen has a great deep, gutsy voice that, given time, might be applied to some gothic backwoodsy tales but he uses it to very good effect on the four tracks on his debut EP, which are more in the indie pop/rock vein. ‘Made to Love You’ is the single and opening track; it’s a dark rumination about a dark relationship and it sets the tone for the EP, which is of the minor-key persuasion.

The four songs on this EP are well constructed and clearly sung – and if I’m fond of mentioning singers who sing ‘cleanly’ it’s because it’s important. A singer who can enunciate clearly is a communicator who wants to make sure his or her audience understands what’s going on. This is the mark of an artist who is courteous towards their listener, and the fact that Owen achieves this on his very first outing establishes him as a performer who wants to connect, and has the skill to do it. No doubt, this will find him many fans.

Open Hands and Enemies is out now.
Dan Owen appears at The Waiting Room, London on 15 November 2016.