Single release: ‘Finish Line’ by Jade Jackson

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Anyone who loves music knows that feeling when a song or an album gives you shivers up the spine. It is a real privilege as a listener when that happens more than once in a blue moon. Admittedly most of those moments for me have come from Australian artists. This time, though, it’s an American causing the shivers: Jade Jackson, whose new album, Gilded. will be released on 19 May.

Jackson has cited Lucinda Williams as an influence and that influence can be heard in the single ‘Finish Line’, but not so much that Jackson has failed to come up with something distinctly her own. What’s in the hooks and swirls and shadows of this song is honesty, vulnerability and determination. It’s a standout song from an artist who does not fit neatly into any existing groove but who will, no doubt, create one of her own.
Watch the video for ‘Finish Line’ below and preorder Gilded on iTunes.

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