Aleyce Simmonds lends her talents to several other Australian country music artists, appearing in their shows and on their songs. Thankfully she still has time to write and release her own music, and she has written the lovely ballad ‘Anchor’ for her third studio album, More Than Meets the Eye.

Says Aleyce about the song, ‘People enter our lives for different reasons. Some stay a while, some come and go. Sometimes the impression that they make far outlives the physical presence. At the time of writing Anchor, I was in love and happy. Most of all, I was grateful that my life had been changed for the better and I wanted to put it into song that regardless of the fate of the relationship, I’d be forever thankful for that. Maybe I did that so that I couldn’t change my mind and become bitter!!’ 

Watch the video for ‘Anchor’ below.
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