The tendrils of country music can, of course, reach all over the planet, and in the case of The Nickajack Men they reach as far as Falkirk, Scotland. The British country music scene, appropriately, has its own sound, taking influences from existing American acts (I can’t hear much Australian country music in there) and the rich history of contemporary British music. In the case of The Nickajack Men, who have taken on the mantle of alt-country rock, country turns up in the vocals and guitar while the rest of the musical pedigree sounds influenced by 1990s Britpop and rock – in a good way. (In a parallel universe I’d have take to make a forensic study of the various country music lineages around the world, but for now this blog is it, and I’m happy to have this evidence of what’s going on in the far reaches of the northern hemisphere.)

The Nickajack Men have released a new EP, Wasting Away, and from it comes the track ‘Running’, which you can listen to on Soundcloud.