I’m fond of saying that country music is a broad umbrella, and it seems that’s true everywhere, including in the UK. There’s some great country pop and rock being produced there, and also the sweet sounds of duo Ferris & Sylvester. With their Americana influences and touches of 60s folk, it’s clear they have an interest in storytelling, and in writing the songs that can convey those stories.

On this new EP, The Yellow Line, they have produced four bittersweet stories with lead vocals from Issy Ferris backed by Archie Sylvester. Ferris has a voice that could turn pretty much any type of song into an interesting proposition, and the production on this album is suitably restrained, to allow her voice to shine. Sylvester’s harmonies provide an effective – and, actually, necessary – anchor. Alone, Ferris is a chanteuse, carrying you away; with the addition of Sylvester, the songs become earthier and more relatable. Which is not so say that you won’t be carried away – but it’s nice to have that feeling of being brought home, too. The sound of this duo is fresh and comforting all at the same time.

The Yellow Line is out now.

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