Single release: ‘Pearly Gates of the Landfill’ by Freya Josephine Hollick

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With so much music – and so much great music – to listen to, it’s not unusual for me to miss things … as outlined in a recent post about Sam Hunt. And it turns out I missed Freya Josephine Hollick when she released her EP, Don’t Mess with the Doyenne, earlier this year, and her album, The Unceremonious Junking of Me, last year. This was, at best, a faux pas, as Hollick’s music is wonderful: whimsical, sincere, direct, sentimental, and sounding like she’s standing on a dust-blown plain in about 1948, singing to the winds while remaining wholly contemporary.

Hollick is about to release a new single, ‘Pearly Gates of the Landfill’, with a launch show at The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne’s Brunwick on 11 November. The single is the first release from her next album. So don’t make the same mistake I did and miss out on Hollick’s music – listen to it now, and forever more.

Tickets to the show available here




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