New Zealand/Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Delaine has released Wild & Free, a country-blues album that had its beginnings in the end of an 18-year relationship. It’s likely not surprising, therefore, that this is a personal and somewhat confessional album – and from the sound of these songs, and Delaine’s voice, she’s doing just fine. As she sings on the third track, ‘Good Advice’, ‘I don’t need anybody tellin’ me what to do’.

Delaine has a background in country music, having studied it several years ago, although she took a break for a few years and didn’t return to performance until her fortieth birthday party, when she performed for her guests accompanied by a neighbour who played guitar. Now she has Michael Barnard as her guitarist and another Michael (Carpenter) produced the album. Delaine doesn’t sound like she took a break from music – she’s a natural singer – but the advantage of coming back to it might have been that she had life experience to bring to her songwriting, resulting in a mature work that balances light and dark, and offers some very sweet moments.

Wild  Free is available now.