One of the observable effects of the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth is not only the level of professionalism amongst singers, musicians and songwriters in their twenties and older, but the emergence of artists in their teens. At least, that’s my theory. By creating a culture of professional development within the Australian country music scene, the Academy has sent a signal – subliminally, perhaps, but I think it’s more overt – to younger artists that there is a place for them to go to learn about the art and craft of country music creation and performance. In order to get to the Academy, of course, they need to have some material, so the earlier they start, the better.

There have been a few artists in their teens or just out of them emerging over the past few months, and it’s a sign that country music not only appeals across generations but has a talented future. The latest example of that future is Georgie Taylor who at sixteen years of age is already a CMAA graduate, having attended its Junior Academy of Country Music.

Georgie is a singer-songwriter from Thornlands in Queensland who also plays guitar, ukulele and piano. She was wwarded RedArts Young and Emerging Artist 2017 Award and won multiple awards at Wynnum and Brisbane Eisteddfods and the MTAQ (Music Teachers Association of Queensland) Vocal Competitions and Redland Sporting Club Vocal Competition winner for the categories of Junior (2014) and Intermediate in 2017.

Georgie’s debut single, ‘Insane’, is from what will be Georgie’s first studio offering, an EP of original songs, produced by Liam Kennedy Clark at Lush Recording Studios in Queensland. It showcases Georgie’s lovely strong voice and her songwriting skill through its story of deep emotional turmoil.

Listen to ‘Insane’ on Soundcloud.



Georgie is on Facebook @GeorgieTaylorMusic