unnamed (2)There is a certain strand of Australian country music that is usually highlighted at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, when exemplars are to be found in various locations. This strand is the humorous or quasi-humorous song, which tells a story in a funny way – not to be confused with the joke song, which is also funny but light on substance. (I’d classify Buddy Goode as a proponent of both the humorous song and the joke song, and Beccy Cole could be said to do the occasional joke song, except her humour always has a bit of bite in a good way – ‘Sorry I Asked’ initially sounds like a joke song but there is astute social commentary embedded in it.)

Tasmanian-born singer-songwriter Gina Timms has released a new song in the humorous strand. ‘Men on Pause’ has a title that suggests that Timms perhaps has a bit of irritation about the male of the species – but the lyrics quickly reveal that it’s a play on words. And, well, I’ll let you find out … Timms has a great voice and still manages to sound like she’s sitting down with you, having a cup of tea, telling you about her men on pause.

Listen to ‘Men on Pause’ on Soundcloud.