unnamed.jpgTamworth singer-songwriter Allison Forbes has been described as ‘a new-age outlaw of country music’, and the description fits because Forbes is not trying to conform to any idea of what country music should be, even as she draws on its history. But this is not the whole story, for Forbes has a voice that seems to draw from somewhere deep inside her to connect to her listeners with emotion and immediacy. It suggests an artist who is either unafraid to show listeners the less-than-sunny aspects of herself, or someone who has learned to move past or life with that fear.

‘Gone’ is drawn from Forbes’s EP Augustine, which was produced by Shane Nicholson. It is a stirring, plaintive tune that will appeal to you if, like me, you’re fond of a minor key. Forbes is working on a new album and tour for 2018, but in the meantime there is this haunting ballad, with backing vocals from Katie Brianna.

Listen to ‘Gone’ on Soundcloud.


Augustine is out now.