unnamed (15)This is actually not a single release so much as using a single to announce an album release … as this single was released in late July. Melanie Horsnell will be well known to many fans of indie and alt-country music in Australia. Steve Appel is also known for King Curly.

Candelo-based Horsnell and Blue Mountains inhabitant Appel met only last year at the Bellingen Winter Music Festival and then shared a European tour billed as ‘Two Australian Songwriters’. Over the course of almost nightly shows for six weeks across seven countries, songs were written and developed the point that they decided to make an album together.

That album, The World Has a Gentle Soul, is now released. ‘Someone Like You’ will give you a taste of the duo’s delightful melodies and gentle, mesmerising sound.

Listen to ‘Someone Like You’ below.


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