Nat Henry Album Cover.jpgLove songs are great, a lot of the time. Without them, some genres of music would shrivel up and disappear. While country music is not one of those genres – because the stories in its songs cover a very broad range of subjects, and country music songs are arguably as much about work and failure as they are about love – it is a strange relief to find a song that declares ‘sometimes love ain’t enough’, as does ‘Apple and Pride’, the title single from Natalie Henry’s forthcoming album.

‘Apple and Pride’ is a song for grown-ups. It is realistic, and honest, and that central declaration – that sometimes love ain’t enough – is expressed with some regret but mostly with what sounds like clear-eyed hope: love isn’t always enough and now that that’s acknowledged, let’s move on and see what life brings. It’s a song about the work of being an adult, being a parent, being a partner and being alone. There is a break-up at the centre of it but mostly there’s strength – and pride – and a sense that everything is going to be just fine.

Watch the video for ‘Apple and Pride’ below.

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