KIERA NICOLE Speak Up HIGH RES ALBUM ART.jpgAustralian singer-songwriter Kiera has released a powerhouse three-track EP, Speak Up, the successor to the 2017 release Forever Roam. Kiera has an irresistible voice, both strong and vulnerable, and she has written songs to embrace those qualities. There is pain in these songs as well as resilience and recovery.

Musically, these are anthemic country rock/pop tracks that suit Kiera’s voice, although she could likely perform these songs just as effectively with an acoustic guitar.

This is an EP that can suit a few different moods – great for when you need inspiration but also when you need reassurance, or simply when you want something with substance playing in the car as you need a distraction from the traffic. Music serves several purposes in our daily lives, but it’s not always the case that individual songs can do that job. Those that can are gifts, and while this EP is only three tracks long, they are three tracks that do the work of many.

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