Killing Season.jpegAustralian politics have been bloody over the past few years – if not literally, then almost. That, no doubt, is why ‘The Killing Season’ was chosen as the title of an ABC TV series documenting the last ALP government. That series, in turn, has provided the inspiration for a single of the same name by Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Lucille.

In this bluesy, swampy, swirling tune Lucille captures the mood of those killing-season politics – particularly apt as Australians head for a federal election on 18 May. There is intrigue in this song – in Lucille’s voice, the music and the lyrics – that suggests that there is far more to discover from this artist, and that it will be very, very interesting when it arrives.

Lucille was born in Berlin and raised in Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and on folk, gospel and classical music. Lucille and her three siblings would sing, play instruments and perform songs in four-part harmonies – which is why this single, although a debut, does not at all sound like the work of a beginner.

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