image004 (1).jpgThere’s a strong lineage of what might be called ‘Australiana’ songs that are high on sentiment and full of nationally recognisable details, including The Seekers’ ‘I Am Australian’ and the recent ‘Our Backyard’ by Amber Lawrence and Travis Collins. (Despite its title, Peter Allen’s ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ isn’t one of these because it’s about his longing for home rather than being a song about Australia.)

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Matt Scullion has created a wonderful addition to this lineage with ‘Aussie As’, with the video making its premiere here today. Scullion – who also writes songs with other Australian country music artists – has a contemporary vision of what constitutes being ‘Aussie as’ that is as much about our cultural diversity as it is about other, longer-lasting Australianisms. His crisp songwriting – done in tandem with Paul Grierson of Simply Bushed – brings recognisable elements such as nippers on the beach and a footy on the roof into the context of an Australian culture that is changing just as its population does.

Watch the video below:


The song was recorded by Shane Nicholson with the extraordinary Lyn Bowtell on backing vocals. No doubt ‘Aussie As’ will find many fans who will cherish it – and some of those fans will discover the song when Scullion plays it live, as he will do on the following dates:

Sunday 12th May – Edgeworth Bowling Club – Newcastle – NSW

Thursday 16th May – Wickham Park Hotel – Newcastle – NSW

Friday 17th May – Harmonie German Club – Canberra – ACT (w/ Drew McAlister)

Saturday 18th May – Tourist Hotel – Queanbeyan – ACT

Wednesday 5th June – The Scullion Sessions – Stag & Hunter Hotel – Newcastle – NSW

Saturday 8th June – Smoke in Broke – McNamara Park – Broke – NSW

Wednesday 3rd July – The Scullion Sessions – Stag & Hunter Hotel – Newcastle – NSW

Saturday 13th July – Hats Off To Country Music Festival – Tamworth – NSW