4.jpgLast year Sydney-based singer-songwriter Catherine Gunther released the impressive single ‘Buried Alive’, one of several tracks she’d recorded with producer Jared Adlam. She’s now released another of those tracks, ‘Dangerous’. Gunther says the song is about ‘the complicated nature of feelings and insecurity in relationships, romantic or not’. And it serves as a warning: walk away before it all becomes toxic.

Gunther’s voice starts in a plaintive mode but ultimately it becomes commanding, as if she’s issuing that warning from a place of knowing – a place beyond that danger, even as the music swirls around, creating a certain sense of instability, if not threat. Perhaps the message, then, is to be eternally vigilant: even when you think you’re past the danger, you’re not.

Listen to ‘Dangerous’ in the lyric video below:

Gunther is set to release a new EP – her third – later this year. You can find all of her music on:

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