400x400bb.jpegIt’s good to have certain songs in mind for certain occasions. There are the songs that help you rev up for a night out; there are the ones that can help you wallow when that’s what you need. There are also songs that you can rely on to make you smile, whether you are feeling sad or not. If you’re feeling sad they can shift your mood; if you’re not, they will enhance a day this is already pretty good. Those songs, therefore, tend to be played more often because you can rely on them – however you feel before you start listening, you’re going to feel better, or even better, after listening.

In that respect the new single from Melbourne singer-songwriter Brendan McMahon, ‘Only Highs’, is going straight to the pool room. From the opening bars it’s impossible to not feel reassured, and soothed, then appreciative that the song exists. It’s a really lovely expression of love and joy, and of recognition for the important details of life that can be overlooked if we don’t pay attention.

McMahon has a long musical history, from playing in cover bands in his teens and twenties to releasing solo albums in 2015 and 2016 under the moniker Satellite Gods, and another album in 2017 called This Fine Occasion. Yet ‘Only Highs’ is the first duet he’s ever recorded, and he shares the vocals with Amber Ferraro, who leads Melbourne disco-house band Honey. It is not, however, the first time the two have worked together, as Amber has provided backing vocals on all three of Brendan’s albums, and their comfort with each other makes for a seamless blend on ‘Only Highs’.

The song is taken from McMahon’s forthcoming album In the Moment, to be released in November. You can watch the video below or listen to the song on:

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