Push Back single.jpgKylie Gale is a recent graduate from the CMAA Academy of Country Music, as well as a mother of four and a teacher, living in Caves Beach, New South Wales. After an incident at work where a colleague threw her under the proverbial bus, and in the wake of her CMAA Academy experience, Gale created the single ‘Pushback’, which is sure to become an anthem for anyone who ever feels the need to, well, push back, especially when they can’t do it in the moment.

Raised in Coonamble, NSW, Gale was raised on country music. ‘Pushback’ is a great, confident song from an artist with something to say and the ability to say it. The song came to Gale’s mind while she was standing under the clothesline, and was written in around ten minutes. ‘The songs with inspiration don’t take as long,’ she says, ‘because you have that emotional connection.’ Listeners are sure to connect with ‘Pushback’ because most of us have had experiences like the ones Gale sings about.

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