C&C ThingsILeaveBehind Cover C FINAL.jpgMike Carr and Matt Cornell have perfectly good country music careers in their own rights. Cornell is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; he’s been a member of iconic rock band the Baby Animals, and musical director for Adam Brand for nine years. He’s released four albums, performed at Groundwater Country Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster, Sydney Rocks Country Music Festival and Summer Moon Country Music Festival, and was nominated for two Golden Guitar Awards in 2018. Carr has written some of the most popular Australian country songs of the past few decades, for artists such as Adam Brand, Adam Harvey and Melinda Schneider. He’s released two solo albums – and is a two-time Golden Guitar Winner, eight-time nominee for APRA song of the year, and two-time ARIA winner for work done by his hilarious alter ego Buddy Goode.

But, clearly not content to rest on their laurels, these two musical forces combined to become Cornell & Carr. They released their debut album, We Go Way Back, early this year, and from it comes their new single, ‘Things I Leave Behind’. The video for this emotional new song and the single itself have their premiere here today. You can watch the video below.

The song was inspired by Cornell leaving the home in Sydney where he was raised. ‘When I sold the house, packed the truck and drove away,’ he says, ‘it hit me hard. And I realised that all the things we accumulate over the years have very little meaning, but what matters are the memories we leave behind – both good and bad.’ In bringing his specific memories into the song, the lyrics are more relatable, not less, so this is a track that many people will connect to.

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See Cornell & Carr live:

Thursday 5th September – Tourist Hotel – Queanbeyan, NSW
Saturday 7th September – Mantra Studio Kitchen & Bar – Yarraville, VIC
Friday 4th October – Deni Ute Muster – Deniliquin, NSW
Saturday 26th October – Mount Hunter Country Music Stampede – K Ranch Arena,
Mount Hunter, NSW
Friday 24th January – Tamworth Diggers Showroom – Tamworth, NSW