Jayne Denham.jpgJayne Denham has established a particular niche in Australian country music: she has a devoted fan base amongst truck drivers, thanks in part to her focus on raising awareness about the transport community, including in her music – she had a #1 country single with ‘Addicted to the Diesel’. ‘I have spent a lot of time over the years talking to truckers,’ says Denham, ‘and I love how passionate they are about what they do, the places they see, the vehicles they drive and the miles they achieve.’

Denham’s new single ‘Black Coffee & White Lines’, is the latest from her 2018 album, Calamity, and it’s an ode to life on the road – indeed, the freedom of the road. The upcoming video is set to feature drivers from the TV show Ice Road Truckers.

No doubt those fans in the transport community also love Denham because her music is great for driving: she releases tightly constructed country rock songs featuring her rich vocals, and every song is entertaining, so the music is great company for long hours on highways and back roads. Denham does not, as the saying goes, muck around: thanks to her focus on her audience and her ability to write and perform for them, she is not here to waste anyone’s time. She also offers unique perspectives, and a sound that is identifiably hers. That makes Denham an artist that everyone can value and enjoy, and ‘Black Coffee & White Lines’ shows why.

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