unnamed-4.jpgIt’s not hard to be intrigued by the combination of talents on the new single ‘Even if I Wanted To’, as 2018 Toyota Star Maker winner Brad Cox joins the 2017 winner Rachael Fahim – apart from their joint Star Maker status, they are quite different artists. As it turns out, though, on this song – which will appear on Fahim’s forthcoming EP, Iconic – they are a perfect match. ‘Even if I Wanted To’ is a great country pop song that gives both singers a chance to blend beautifully with each other and shine alone.

Without trying to freight the song with too much responsibility, it’s also a potentially historic snapshot of these two artists: Fahim was the highest-streamed Australian country artist of 2018 and Cox has just signed to Sony, making them both stars on the ascendant. They’re also both artists who, if you see them live, make you sit up and pay attention – Fahim will tour in support of the EP throughout the end of 2019 and into 2020, so keep an eye on her website for dates.

Listen to ‘Even if I Wanted To’:

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