d6f3a35e-4fec-4578-894e-11e81554355d.jpgFreya Josephine Hollick is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who has released an album or EP every year for the past few. The first thing that comes to mind as soon as you hear any of her music is that her voice is hypnotic: it draws you completely in and you absolutely enjoy it while it’s happening while simultaneously sensing the edge of mystery and possibly danger that is there too. Any time you listen to one of Hollick’s songs, you know it could go anywhere – even after you’ve heard it several times, because there could be something you missed earlier. Perhaps, then, it’s more correct to say that Hollick doesn’t just sing: she conjures. And that is completely evident on her new single, ‘Nobody’s Better Than No One’, taken from her album, The Real World, which will be released in 2020.

The song, and album, were recorded in California’s Mojave Desert at famed studio Rancho de la Luna with Lucinda Williams’s band Buick 6 and renowned guitarist Greg Leisz (Eric Clapton, Beck, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris). (The vinyl 7″ of ‘Nobody’s No Better Than No One’ features the exclusive instrumental track ‘Senorita Blvd’ recorded by Buick 6 and given to Hollick for this special release.) ‘Nobody’s Better Than No One Here’ moves Hollick’s sound towards blues and rock, but retains all the elements that have made her previous country music releases so great: her compelling lyrics, her layered sound, and that incredible voice. She is clearly a versatile artist, and an exciting one, and this newest single is the latest step on an already fascinating path.

‘Nobody’s Better Than No One’ launch show:
Big House Arts
9-11 Hocking St, Coburg North, Vic.
21 September 2019
Tickets available here.

Listen to ‘Nobody’s Better Than No One’:

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