unnamed-5.jpgKirsty Lee Akers released her fifth album, Under My Skin, in 2018. This impressive collection of country rock and pop was produced by Akers; it debuted at #3 on the iTunes Country and ARIA Australian Country Albums chart upon release (as well as #5 ARIA Country Album and #8 ARIA Australian Album).

The latest single from the album is ‘Heart of Stone’, and for it Akers has released a video with a story – that of the Goree Girls.

The Goree Girls were a band of female prisoners of the Goree Unit in Huntsville, Texas, in the 1940s, and they were the first documented all-female country and western band. After teaching themselves to play instruments they started performing on the local radio programme broadcast from the prison, gaining a following all over the country. The video deviates a little from the real Goree Girls story, though, as Akers explains.

‘When I first came across the story of the Goree Girls, it immediately caught my attention. In this version, the girls actually escape from prison unlike in real life,’ she says. ‘I thought about what I would have done if I was in their shoes and bought out a little of their bad girl side.’


Under My Skin is out now through Social Family Records.

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