unnamed-4.jpgSongs can perform a variety of functions in a day, from reinforcing melancholy feelings to revving us up to consoling us, and many others. Sometimes there’s a song that makes you believe – no matter if your day has been good, bad or indifferent – that everything is going to be all right. It makes you want to sigh in relief or drop the tension from your shoulders. They can achieve it musically or lyrically, or from the combination.

The new single from Brisbane singer-songwriter Kimberley Bowden – who was a finalist in the 2008 Toyota Star Maker – is one of those songs, and the feeling starts from the opening bar – and that’s before you realise that message of the lyrics is, basically, that everything is going to be all right. Life can knock you off your feet but you can’t stop living it – and you can’t stop loving it. Says Bowden of the song, ‘I wrote this song in one of my darkest moments. But it was in this moment that I could see that things would eventually get better again, because they always do.’

Bowden also delivers the message in the way she sings – with a sense of seriousness of her message mixed with what sounds like a smile in her voice. There is not just acceptance but joyfulness there too. So that makes it not just the perfect balm for a bad day but a great reinforcement for a good day – and if you’re not quite sure which sort of day you’re having, it will definitely improve after you listen.



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