unnamed-5.jpgSome songs grab you by the throat and heart, then feel like they’re squeezing one and breaking the other. It’s the push and pull of emotion and earthiness and gutsiness, and at the end of it you feel overcome and wrung out and strangely relieved, and you hit ‘play’ again because there are mysteries inside that song that you need to explore – not to figure out, because some mysteries are more delicious as mysteries, so you simply want to delve into them again.

That’s the best way to describe the new song from Mama Kin Spender, ‘What’s Wrong with Me?’. Mama Kin Spender is a collaboration between artists Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) and Tommy Spender (Spender) that first came into being in 2016 for the ARIA-nominated album Golden Magnetic, which also won a Best Blues and Roots Album WAM award in 2018.

‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ is the first single from the upcoming EP Are You Listening, due for release in the first quarter of 2020. It’s a song about the ties between lovers and the self-doubt that can wrap itself around them. Caruana’s voice is the pull for the listener, and the slow grind of the music beneath it is the push, with Spender’s vocals acting as a haunting chorus in the background. This is a song that will make you press ‘play’ repeatedly as you fall under the spell of this irresistible duo and their mysteries.

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