unnamed (5).jpgJeff Gibson was raised on a wheat and sheep farm, and sheep have remained part of his life since – he started work as a shearer in his early twenties, around the same time he began performing as a singer-songwriter, have started writing songs at the age of 17. Since then, Gibson has followed both paths.

His latest song is the powerful, heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting ‘Hole in my Heart’ – uplifting because Gibson validates the experience and expression of emotion. The song was originally written with Gibson’s late father and brother in mind, but it also honours Karl Broadie, who was meant to help Gibson finish writing the song but died before it could be completed. The song’s producer, Glen Hannah, has also died since recording the song. Those losses are a reminder to live vividly, and not resile from saying what we mean to others – and that is what is expressed in this song. Gibson is prepared to say what he means, and we are lucky to be able to hear it.

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