Weren't Looking For Cover Art.jpgLeaving Lennox is an Australian duo – Mick Hambly and Lauren Val – who made their way to Nashville in April 2019 and currently reside there, writing and recording music. They’ve wasted no time finding live gigs, either, playing at the Summer Songwriter Festival in Tennessee, Big Red Apple Fest in Georgia, Annual Artisan Fest in Kentucky, Frank Brown Songwriting Fest in Florida and the Clarksville Riverfest in Tennessee.

Their sound is acoustic pop with a tinge of country, as is appropriate for musicians living in the country music capital. Their previous single was ‘Old Love’, and now they’ve released ‘Weren’t Looking For’, a lovely song about the riches to be found when you have an open hearted and open mind. Sometimes duets can sound like one singer was tacked on to another, but ‘Weren’t Looking For’ sounds like it was crafted to bring out the best in  Hambly and Val, with each singer anchoring and supporting the other. This is an instantly memorable song that you make you think just as it makes you smile.

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