unnamed-5.jpgKatie Bates is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter who is twenty years of age and has been performing live for over a decade and writing songs from the age of eleven – which explains why this may be a single from a debut album (forthcoming) but sounds like a sophisticated piece of music and lyric.

Bates is inspired by the music of the classic and alternative country artists from the 1960s and 70s, and she has found a home in Melbourne’s dynamic alt-country/Americana scene, performing as a backing vocalist and occasional opening act for artists such as Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes and Ben Mastwyk, as well as opening for Andrew Swift, Kristen Lee Morris, Tracy McNeil and Suzannah Espie.

‘Polka Dot Dress’ is sultry, intriguing and provocative, with a sound that turns satisfyingly, defiantly snarling, evoking another of Bates’s influences: PJ Harvey. The song was produced by Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella and features Patrick Wilson from Georgia State Line on drums, Tom Brooks on guitar and Cafarella on bass.

The song is available from Social Family Records.

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