Single Artwork 2.jpgSometimes when you hear a really driving, punchy drum beat you do not expect to hear a violin right alongside it and weaving in and out of it, making it sound as though they should never be apart. Add a guitar track that enhances both of those instruments and you have August River Band, a three-piece band from Brisbane consisting of Eev Ferreira, Lil Burrows, and Gerard Kerr.

Their new single, ‘Blue Light’ – which has its premiere on this site today ahead of general release tomorrow – is a reflection on the contemporary habit of spending far more time looking at a screen than at each other. Lead singer Eev Ferreira implores us to look up from the blue light of that screen and connect with others. It’s a love song not to a person but to human connection, a plea, in some ways, to not forget that we’re not machines.

Drummer Gerard Kerr is a veteran performer from Brisbane bands such as RadioStomp and Snatch, while Ferreira and vioinist Lil Burrows are both South African expats. Burrows performed as a violinist in the South African National Youth Orchestra and played with several artists whilst moving around Australia, finding Eev once settled in Brisbane. As August River Band they have distinctive, powerful sound that has already won over audiences in their home town and at festivals around the country.

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