unnamed-4Last year Melbourne singer-songwriter Emily Hatton released a debut single, ‘Hades’, which announced her as an artist to watch. Hatton has been a singer since a young age, studying voice and participating in choirs and other vocal groups throughout her teens. At the age of 17 it became clear that her voice was most suited to country music, and the  country pop-rock sound of her songs works so well with her voice. She has the power in that voice to work with strong backing – and with another strong singer.

In Hatton’s new single, ‘Maybe’, she is matched with Troy Kemp, an Australian country music artist who is a popular solo performer as well as half of the duo McAlister Kemp. In ‘Maybe’ Hatton’s and Kemp’s voices work together in the chorus and separate for the verses, and that pattern works to embody the story of the lyrics: a couple coming together and moving apart, the push and pull of ‘maybe’. It’s quite a different song to ‘Hades’ but still indicative of Hatton’s ability to take on big themes and a soaring melody and really deliver.

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