This playlist features new releases across the spectrum of Australian country music (and one Kiwi). Track listing below.


Kaitlyn Thomas – ‘First Kiss’

Laura Frank – ‘Things I’d Rather Do’

The Buckleys – ‘I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love)’

Andy Golledge – ‘1170’

The Mezcaltones – ‘Na Na Na’

Shane Nicholson – ‘The High Price of Surviving’

Hannah May – ‘Passenger Seat’

Emily Hatton feat. Troy Kemp – ‘Maybe’

Allison Forbes – ‘Broken Radios’

Chloe Styler – ‘Sweden’

Andrew Farriss – ‘Good Momma Bad’

Aleyce Simmonds & John Williamson – ‘Three Sons’

Innocent Eve – ‘Viking’