unnamed-5Sarah McLachlan’s song ‘Angel’ is beautiful in its original form; it is haunting and hopeful alike. Now it takes a new form, with singer Hayley Jensen honouring that original while adding her own emotion and nuance to it. And Jensen’s fans will remember that she performed ‘Angel’ on Australian Idol in 2004, when she was a top four finalist.

That same year Jensen met Beccy Cole, one of Australia’s favourite country music artists, while both were performing for Coalition forces in the Middle East with the Australian Defence Force. A lasting friendship was formed, and now it’s become a collaboration. The duo first performed the song together in the same year they met, at a Christmas Carols event.

Cole brings a gravitas to this recording that anchors and uplifts Jensen’s vocal. Says Jensen, ‘Beccy inspires me. She is an artist who’s found her tribe and forged a successful career that has stood the test of time. As I reflect, this song has marked many key moments for me becoming an artist in my own right. It taught me how to use my voice – really use it, to be authentic as a songwriter and convincing as a storyteller.’

‘Angel’ debuted at #1 on the iTunes country music chart. It’s out now through Social Family Records.

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