unnamed-7Townsville singer-songwriter Sammy White released her latest single, ‘I Can’t Outrun You’ in late 2019 but the single has, in effect, had a second life in the wake of White being named the 2020 Toyota Star Maker at the recent Tamworth Country Music Festival. White performed alongside nine other finalists in front of a panel of judges, singing her previous single ‘Drowning My Sorrows’.

White’s victory is not surprising: from the first lines of ‘I Can’t Outrun You’ it’s clear she  has something special. As is often the case with singers, it’s a quality that’s hard to define but which automatically intrigues the listener. ‘I Can’t Outrun You’ is a song about the end of a tumultuous relationship, and the self-reflection and sense of resignation that follows it. It’s quite a different song to ‘Drowning My Sorrows’, showing White’s range. Both songs are taken from White’s upcoming EP, to be released this year.

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