unnamed (7)Roz Pappalardo is a woman of many talents and different musical roles: she is a member of beloved Queensland duo Women in Docs as well as a solo artist, and she’s an actor who has recently performed in The Impossible Dream (Paronella Park) along with JUTE Theatre Company new works What are the Odds? (Angela Murphy), Paradise is Singing (Kathryn Ash) and her own production Rosa. Meanwhile Pappalardo has also performed her powerful one-woman show, Banging on the Door, nationally and overseas.

While Pappalardo can obviously play other people, she is gloriously herself in her new single, ‘Let it Go’, which has its premiere on this website today. Taken from her upcoming album Sound the Alarm, the song is, says Pappalardo, ‘about wanting to be the change. It’s about a desire to do things differently in my life with bravery and passion. I wrote this song in less than an hour and I feel a like a frickin’ roaring lion when I sing it … This was the first vocal take on the first song we put down and it pretty much stayed. It just felt right.’

From Pappalardo’s first notes it’s clear that her instinct was correct, because the vocal is irresistible. It is, therefore, the perfect ambassador for the album – as Pappalardo says, ‘writing and recording the album has been a deeply personal process driven by a simple desire to hold nothing back’. ‘Let It Go’ sees her in full flight, captivating the listener as she takes off.

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The upcoming album features a number of guest musicians, including long-time collaborator Rob Sherwood on guitar, Damon Joel on drums and percussion, and Enzo Russo on bass. Salliana Campbell plays strings, Silas Palmer is on keys, Anthony Dettori on mandolin and vocals, and Danny Widdicombe on pedal steel and vocals, along with Brisbane outfit Bullhorn.

Pappalardo’s honesty shines through in the upcoming single and is sure to connect with fans, with Roz stating that “writing and recording the album has been a deeply personal process driven by a simple desire to hold nothing back.”

See Roz Pappalardo live:

March 7  What’s Golden (W/ Sennett and Hirst)    Brisbane, QLD
March 20   Tanks Arts Centre (W/ The Black Sorrows)    Cairns, QLD
March 21   Dalrymple Tavern (W/ The Black Sorrows)   Townsville, QLD