Sold My Soul Artwork JPGMatthew Munro is a singer-songwriter from Bundaberg, Queensland, who is about to release his debut single, but the song is so good – so effective, so powerful, and so unsettling in that it burrows its way into your brain and under your skin – that it’s impossible to believe it’s his first.

‘Sold My Soul’, which has its premiere here today ahead of its official release on Monday, is, says Munro, ‘a look at all the things you think are important in life, like the good-looking girl, moving away from a small town, only to discover that the grass isn’t always greener. Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan and you just end up questioning life.’

Munro is a graduate of both the Junior and the Senior Academy of Country Music and has performed across at large events such as the Gympie Muster, Childers and Lighthouse festivals, and supported country music favourites such as Travis Collins, Adam Harvey, Carter & Carter and Brad Butcher. He worked with producer Matt Fell to create ‘Sold My Soul’, which is a bold, confident work that suggests that Munro shaped his musical identity well before he arrived in the studio, and brings to his audience a work that is ripe for recognition.

Listen on:

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Single launch:

6 March, Oodies Cafe, Bundaberg, Qld