KELLY BROUHAHA Benjamin Cover ArtLast year South Australian singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Kelly Brouhaha released a self-title album and, from it, the excellent single ‘40,000 Star Hotel’. Just in case you haven’t yet discovered Brouhaha’s work, her new single, ‘Benjamin’, will introduce you to an artist who has fantastic songwriting abilities as well as the voice to bring them to life.

‘Benjamin’ is the story of a boy who broke Brouhaha’s heart and stole her dog, prompting her to jump in a van to follow her dream of touring Australia full time. Brouhaha has indeed been traveling the wide brown land, as a solo artist and also as part of Beccy Cole’s Sisters of Twang and Aussie Road Crew. Brouhaha fits the definition of troubadour, in practice and spirit; she’s also an artist who puts her heart – her all – on the line to connect with listeners, and that’s what makes her music such a rewarding experience.

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